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There is no any work in the world, which is impossible; all are possible if you wish. Some men of society made own sorrow, trouble and happy of all men of society by rearing such will and goodwill. There are some persons in society who came ahead in welfare of men by sacrificing individual interest.

To manage food, work for poor people of society. One noble minded man whose name is Khan Akhtaruzzman who came forwarded in help with courage for establish and conducing library of spreading education of students, hospital, charitable hospital for helpless patients, school, college, madrasha, orphanage. Roaming of Khan Akhtaruzzaman with top level person of society and his contribution made him noble in social activities as per his affordability through remaining in their contact.
His service activities made him more recognized in social activities in total stage of Lions Club International. He has anointed in lions membership by joining in lionizam for long time. His sounding presence in various service providing activities of Lion Club International made him as bright star.

One Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman whom seen from near, became pleased more. One work child of Khulna Dighulia Upazila is successful businessman by remaining in Dhaka for two era, he is Managing Director of M/S. Khan a Zaman Company Ltd. His presence in successful activities of society brought him real love of public and honour of suitable leadership though he is one successful businessman. His working spirit made him better to best.

Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman is lifetime member of Bangladesh Lion Foundation, lifetime member of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, honorable member of Bangla Academy, lifetime member of Anjumane Mofidul Islam, Satkhira unit and lifetime member of Bangladesh- India Friendship Society. Moreover he is former executive member of Greater Khulna Society Dhaka, Executive member of Khulna District Society, Joint Secretary of Khulna Divisional Society Dhaka, lifetime member of Bagerhat Society in Dhaka, honourable member of Khulna Child Foundation, honourable member of Khulna Metropolitan Shooting Club, lifetime member of Bangladesh Parisbesh Andolon (BAPA).

Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman is Vice- president of Agrani Insurance Company. Recently Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman got responsibility as Bangladesh Government permitted Bank Recovery Agent, last 1st May 2010 one agreement was signed between Janata Bank and Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman as MD of Khan A. Zaman Compnay, which is under process in re-renew. News about this matter has been published in English The Daily New Nation and Financial Express including Bengali Daily Janakantha, Daily Dinkal, Daily Janata.

Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman delivered lively and encouraged hearten statement on organizational activities of society in executive meeting of Greater Khulna Society. All mentioned as best statement to his statement in above meeting of greater Khulna Society’s Executive Council.

Mr. Ln Khan Akhtaruzzaman said at the time of question and answer of present journalist on his statement- I am not believe in self-propaganda, there are answer in all of your questions in my works, I hope you have understood. How many persons you have included in lifetime member of society, journalists want to know in his speech. In answer of this question Mr. Ln. Khan Aktaruzzaman said in smile – “it is not my arrogance, it is my pride, I have able to include in lifetime members of Greater Khulna Society to 72 (seventy two) persons among emigrants in Dhaka who are residents of Khulna.

After it also my more wish that I shall be able to include more friends in lifetime member post. He also said- I have also serious obedience to constitution of Greater Khulna Society, if I remain absent in three consecutive meeting of Executive Council as per constitution of society  then I think any one may be posted in my vacant post who is able to fulfill purpose of society and he is wise then I shall welcome him. Such devoted hearty leadership in organizational activities are seen in activities of Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman. Mr. Ln Khan Akhtazruzzamn is unique person who is free from political activities. In another answer of another question of journalist he said without hesitation – I always avoid party politics as one businessman, but my respect to leadership of all party will be survive all times.

He also said- honourable parliamentarian former state minister Begum Monnujajan Sufian is proud of my Khulna and financial affairs advisor of Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Moshiur Rahman is though my relative but I do not go them for my individual purpose and I go to them for development of Khulna and in interest of Khulna Society and in future I shall also go. They cause to do many works for interest of society and gave promise of all type assistance for development of society.  

Mr. Ln Khan Akhtaruzzaman says- “I shall engage my self with Greater Khulna Society to eco-social development of poor and helpless men of Khulna area, side to side I am working for completing medication of eye without money for eye treatment, glaucoma extinction of poor and helpless men of Khulna. One competition was called in the heading “problem and it’s solve in development of “Greater Khulna Society in Executive Council’s  meeting of Greater Khulna Society in Dhaka. In seminar about development of Khulna arranged by Khulna Society on 14th May in the year 2010 in Dhaka the Chief Guest Prime Minister’s economic affairs advisor Dr. Moshiur Rahman said in his statement, whose contribution in progress and development of Khulna Society, among them word of Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman has to tell First Party – he mentioned.

In the meantime he got Leadership Certificate; this certificate was given becoming please with organizational activities of Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman. Next time Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman has been selected Senior Vice President of lions club of Dhaka Capital Blue by self qualification. By his skill direction Lion Club International designated him in president post of Lions Club of Dhaka Capital Garden.

    Through these social activities Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman engage him in activities of lion club. In national stage his activities brought him wide recognition as special Lns. As a result Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman anointed as regional chair person.

    Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman participated in international summit of Lns with business work, organizational and educational tour in many state including China, India, Egypt, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand, Italy, London, America, Canada to the extent of international Lion club programs. On 21st May of year 2013 Mr. Ln. Akhtaruzzaman achieved prize, crest and honorarium in the arrangement of year fulfill of Greater Khulna Society in Dhaka and Sokrana as year best member collector of 75 persons lifetime members collector who are in responsibility of executive member of Executive Council.

    Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman is father of one son and one daughter, Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman’s wife Mrs. Jahanara Akter is educated, sincere, right alert housewife. She is working as directing power advise, assistance and success to Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman in daily activities. Though she not remain in highway procession in movement of women right but she put special importance on self alter and self dependence of self relative and others women.

    Lastly it can be say Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman is hard technician of creating social service and self confidence, become resonated in new generation of our national life, be build hundred- thousand successful organizer Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman.
    It may not be possible to create successful businessman and international reputed Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman, but our wish he revive in circle way. Our wishes remain flow of wish strength of Mr. Ln. Khan Akhtaruzzaman in future days.

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